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#BTS Packaging Series: Size & Materials

Size & Materials

"Family and community centric"

I wanted each pouch to be a shareable size. I didn't want to compromise on that.

Indian households have a big snacking culture. My family and I are always snacking on quick bites -- whether it's something my mom made at home, shipments from India or something intriguing we found at Whole Foods.

Even when family or friends visit us, the first thing we do is gather around the living room with with a variety of snacks. And more often than not those snacks become lunch or dinner 😅.

Family snack-athon over Christmas break!

Some of my fondest memories growing up are just snacking the night away with family. The conversation, jokes, banter and games that surrounded those snacks always remind me how special that community is.

The one where we snacked and gamed all day 🃏🍿👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

I wanted Confusion to help create and be part of that community in every household it joins. To do that, I focused on 3 areas:

  1. Size: it had to be family-size...Indian family-sized. There had to enough for everyone and last the full game night. So I decided to make each pouch with ~1.5x more popcorn than your normal popcorn bag.

  2. Shareable: everyone in the family should be able to snack, regardless of dietary restrictions or preferences. That's why I decided to make a snack that's vegan, gluten free, whole grain, made with 100% avocado oil and contains no added sugars!

  3. Longevity: While I wanted each pouch to be family-size, I also didn't want people to feel obligated to finish the whole bag after opening it. So I decided to add a friendly zip-lock to each pouch so everyone can enjoy it at their own pace and also used a metallic inner liner to prevent oxidation (helps the popcorn from going stale faster) #nowastezone


That's a wrap! If you made it this far, you da best ❤️. But genuinely, I hoped you enjoyed learning about the story behind Confusion's packaging.

This is just the start. I'm excited to see how the design evolves as we get feedback from you all and grow the brand. I hope it continues to inspire you to grab it off the shelf & give em' a go!

✨ BONUS: Design to Production Journey ✨

Initially considered printing and cutting stickers at home

Made sample sticker-packs at home for taste testing

Realized sticker method was too time consuming and low value add. Decided to go the custom packaging route which meant learning Adobe Illustrator!

Partnered with a great packaging manufacturer. Visited them to review the first samples!

Spent many days at Whole Foods "creeping" on customers to see what packaging they grabbed. Met some lovely strangers who gave great feedback on making the health benefits more visible

Final proofs before going into production! Also switched to metallic inner liner to help prevent oxidation

PRODUCTION RUN! One of the happiest days of my life 😊

We made it! They grow up so fast 😭😅


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