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Confusion Snacks is now at Erewhon!

THRILLED to share that Confusion Snacks is now available at all 8 Erewhon stores!

These past few months, we’ve been heads down figuring out the world of retail — from packaging, distribution, palletizing and so much more. We really had to put on our “figure this sh*t out” cap 🤠, which makes today an even more emotional day seeing our Black Truffle Masala Popcorn on Erewhon’s shelves.

During the pre-launch days, I would walk into grocery stores with my prototype bags. It was just a film of paper with our design, but I’d place them on the shelves next to the other snacks I admired, imagining the day Confusion Snacks would share a seat next to them. I would daydream about an Indian-American kid walking down the snacking aisle and finding a snacking that she/he connected with made my heart full – a snack that allowed them to stay connected to their immigrant roots while embracing the cultural influences of growing up in America. Following the kid would be a curious snacker, one who wanted to discover what Chaat Masala was and how it paired with Kashmiri Red Chili or how Black Truffle and Turmeric would fuse together.

These are the daydreams that gave Confusion Snacks life when it was just an idea in my room. These daydreams were gentle reminders of how the fusion narrative I wished to share through snacks would manifest. These daydreams are what fueled my passion to one day grow Confusion Snacks from an idea in my room into a bag on the snacking aisle for that kid or curious snacker to enjoy.

Erewhon was always on the top of my list of retailers I wanted to partner with. It’s not only nurtured an incredible community of curious snackers, but also has been the home to many brands that have inspired my journey like Boom Chicka Pop, Asha Pops, and Sanzo.

I’m so grateful for this opportunity to be alongside these brands. Your unconditional support as family, friends and customers gives us all the confidence to make retail happen.

Let's get poppin'

❤️ Aadit (Chief Snacking Officer)

Confusion Snacks now available in at all 8 Erewhon locations!

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Jul 13, 2023

I got my bag at Nordstrom. It's delicious!

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