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Soft Launch Results Are In!

...and that's a wrap!

Thank you to everyone who participated in Confusion's Soft Launch! The outpour of love and support I received from you all this past month has truly left me humbled, grateful and motivated as ever to share our ethnic fusion story to all the curious snackers out there.

The Soft Launch was the first of many steps to validate the market for an ethnic fusion snacks brand along with the 3 popcorn flavors I want to launch with. It garnered the objective feedback needed to confidently decide whether to further invest in what I had built or to head back to the drawing board. In other words, it helped me answer "are there other people who'd purchase my snacks or is it just my mom and dad?"

Through your support -- whether you purchased snacks, shared your unboxing experience on Instagram, referred others to buy a box, or hopped on FaceTime to share your feedback -- I'm excited to say the answer is yes! Together we made some great achievements during the Soft Launch and unsurfaced exciting opportunities for improvements.

This next month, I'll be heads down prepping for an official launch! I'll be taking in all the great ideas you shared to improve our snacks and operations. Till then, you can stay tuned to the confusion on Instagram!


❤️ Aadit (Chief Snacking Officer)


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