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Popcorn Variety Pack

Try each of our flagship flavors! Our Variety Packs come with each of our flagship flavors -- Black Truffle Masala, Chili Chaat and Mint Chaat Popcorn!


Variety Pack Options:

  • 6-pack (2x bags each flavor)
  • 9-pack (3x bags each flavor)


😌 Guilt Free Snacking.

Made with 100% Avocado Oil / Vegan / Gluten Free / No Added Sugars / Whole Grain / Contains No Major Allergens


🍿 Sizeable Portions.

Each bag contains 2.75oz of popcorn (~12 cups!)


🎁Great for Gifts!

Whether you're gifting yourself (#treatyourself) or gifting someone whose love language is snacks, this variety pack is the perfect gift.

Popcorn Variety Pack

PriceFrom $35.94
Expected to ship before end of December!
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