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FAQ: "Who Makes Your Popcorn?"

For those new to our snacker village, hi I’m Aadit👋🏽! I’m the Chief Snacking Officer here at Confusion Snacks. A frequent question I get asked by our community is "Who makes your popcorn?"

We do! We’re currently a small BUT mighty mom and son team that makes all our snacks in-house, one small batch at a time!

We work out of a lil’ commercial kitchen in LA where we crush all our fresh spices 🌿, pop our non-GMO popcorn in 100% avocado oil 🥑, hand toss the popcorn with our fusion blends, quality sorting every batch 👨🏽‍🔬, and package the snacks into our fun/goofy standup pouches all the way to the brim 🍿 (just like Aunty would).

From the beginning, we were keen on staying really close to production to become popcorn subject matter experts 🤓. We had to know all the ins-and-outs to deliver you the best snacks that shared our fusion story. We went head first with a healthy dose of naivety — I mean how hard can making popcorn be? Very hard. 😂 We quickly realized making popcorn is more of an art than a science. So many variables go into producing the perfectly, fluffy, crunchy, seasoned kernel (or a burnt sad one 🙈). We had to study all elements to create the perfect snack — from the type of ingredients, popping temperature, cooling method, standup pouch materials and so on.

We even had to be a lil’ scrappy & creative during these bootstrapped days to make some parts of the production work — for example we retrofitted our popping pots to allow all the steam to escape to prevent the popcorn from getting soggy. And we’re even at a point where we can just listen to the popcorn popping to know whether or not it’ll be a good or bad batch. We like to think the popcorn life chose us 😎

Figuring out this puzzle has been a stressful but incredibly fun journey. It built a tangible for us to stay connected to you amazing snackers. Y’all always are sending back the energy and love we put into building this brand and we can’t thank you enough for that.

Y’all make one awesome village 💛 Let’s build this brand together, one kernel at at time.

Let's get poppin'

❤️ Aadit (Chief Snacking Officer)


Aug 18, 2023

We were given a bag of your black truffle masala popcorn from Nordstrom NYC and we love it. My kids are super excited to go back and get the Chaat Mint popcorn. I love that the ingredients are very simple and clean - something I could make at home. It makes me feel good about letting my kids eat it. You make us proud to be Indian (Gujarati).


Aug 03, 2023

I bought a packet of your Mint Chaat Popcorn at Nordstorm in New York this past week, I have to tell you I was highly disappointed. The popcorn tasted stale, and there was no discernible mint taste. I wanted to be delighted by something new and different, but it was nothing I'd want to taste again.

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